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After only a month, the City of Raleigh is removing these Molok trash cans from downtown. Unfortunately, we have had to wait two whole years to remove this City Council.

Just today, prior to the City Council meeting, two Raleigh business owners were thrown out of the chamber because they protested the move, bringing two rolling trash cans in and a sign that said Save the Moloks.

Haven’t we about had enough of this City Council’s disdain for its own constituents? If anything is obvious from all of this, it’s that the City Council just doesn’t really care what we, the citizens of Raleigh, have to say. In a matter of just a few days, a petition garnered 1800+ signatures asking for the Moloks to stay. They cost $30,000 to install, and the petition notes how the one year program was pulled without public comment:

The pilot program was announced to last 1 year, and was pulled by city staff with no public input whatsoever with no notice after less than one month of use. City staff estimate it will cost $50,000 – $80,000 to remove and reinstall the Moloks. 

Keep the Molok trash bin pilot program in Raleigh NC

They can toss those trash cans out, but on October 8th, the people of Raleigh have a chance to clean house, too.

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