Stef Mendell: Wrong for Raleigh

Learn more about Raleigh City Councilor Stef Mendell, from District E.

Indy Week rescinds their previous endorsement from 2017, titling the article “Down With the Raleigh NIMBYs.

Added regulations and bans for Airbnb, with fines “of up to $500 per day,” just for renting your home out.

Attempted to kill a sidewalk project on Oxford Road, resulting in government waste and the same project ultimately being approved.

Tried to shut down a rooftop dining area at a restaurant because she “thought her tenant might not like the noise.

Suggested seniors might be a burden on neighborhoods because of the noise from senior centers.

Stef Mendell: Wrong for Raleigh.

Stef Mendell: Wrong for Raleigh 1
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