Granny’s Thoughts: The Rent is Too High

Tuesday, July 9th

Hey y’all.

I hope everyone had an eventful Fourth of July. I know I did, staying busy keeping up with the latest out of the Raleigh City Council, aka the Council of No. Last week, a lot of talk surrounded the fact that, through words and actions, the City Council seems to disdain those who rent, and favor homeowners.

The problem with that, besides just being plain rude, is that the policies coming out of this Council are making second-class citizens of renters. It’s not just about the way they talk about them, but concrete policies that hurt working folks.

Take this recent article, for example. Housingwire says that “the national average population growth is 5.3%, and in the top 50 metros across the country, the percentage of very low-income housing has fallen 16.5% from 2010 to 2017.” Sounds pretty rough, right?

But take a look at Raleigh, specifically:

Raleigh, North Carolina
Population growth: 17.4%
Proportion of very low-income housing: -40.1%

So in less than a decade, there’s been a boom in population while the proportion of affordable housing has fallen 40%.

Folks, this is not a problem that is going to fix itself. Instead of a City Council that opposes progress, and often just says “no,” it’s going to take new faces ready to face new challenges. The same old ideas over and over again won’t cut it.

I’m here to give a voice to everyone that’s just plain fed up with the way things are going.


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