Granny’s Thoughts: Raleigh Needs More Neighbors

Monday, June 17th.

Happy Monday, folks.

I’m sure you’ve seen that New York Times article making the rounds on Twitter and everywhere else the past few days. It’s called “Americans Need More Neighbors,” and I’ll tell you what: They’re right.

The articles says that, “The United States is suffering fro man acute shortage of affordable places to live,” — sounds about right, don’t it Raleigh? — “particularly in the urban areas where economic opportunity increasingly is concentrated.”

That’s a fact if I’ve ever seen one. We have seen quite a lot of growth in Raleigh, and don’t I know it as well as any of us. But with all that growth, we haven’t really adjusted to the needs of the people in our city.

See, not everybody in Raleigh has it as good as some of us do. People who have lived here for years, and folks that just arrived, need places that are affordable to live. You know, affordable housing is a big word you see a lot, but we really do need it.

One of the big things driving that shortage is the fact that some areas are zoned only for single-family homes. That’s fine when you’re a small town, but a small town Raleigh is not. Of course you’ve got to have room for families and neighborhoods, but some areas just need to have some density. There’s only so much square footage on the ground, but the sky is the limit.

Here’s the thing: Raleigh has always been a bit of a town that turned into a city. But that doesn’t change the fact that, even from humble beginnings, we’re a pretty big place nowadays. Change is always gonna rub some people the wrong way, but it’s coming either way. Let’s embrace it and continue to make Raleigh the place we love to call home.

That’s all from me today.

Granny Flats

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