Granny’s Thoughts: Oregon Gets It

Monday, July 1st

Hey y’all.

There was a big story coming out of Oregon yesterday, which you can check out here. It’s an issue that brought together folks of all political persuasions.

Oregon’s legislature passed a bill that banned single-family zoning across the entire state. It’s not a small thing, either. The state has a shortage of affordable housing, and the restrictive zoning made it way more difficult to fix.

North Carolina could pay attention to Oregon and borrow some good ideas. There’s no shame in copying the successful policies we see elsewhere.

That same article above reminds us of the moves made by Minneapolis to allow duplexes and three-unit homes all around their city. If the same plot of land can house multiple families instead of just one, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

Well, that about does it for today. Y’all have a safe week if you’re getting into any Independence Day festivities.

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