Granny’s Thoughts: Renters Matter

Folks, happy Tuesday. I’ve got some thoughts.

IndyWeek is out with another great article discussing the plight of Raleigh’s renters.

If you’ve been paying attention to the City Council so far — and it’s hard to look away — you might get the impression that they don’t really care about renters.

That should be alarming to you, not just because they’re as much a member of Raleigh as folks who have lived here for decades, but because they’re actually a majority of residents in Raleigh. Our councilors ought to know this, since the data in the article was pulled from the Raleigh City website.

It really speaks to a fundamental problem we’re having here. A vocal minority seems to be able to have a veto over everything happening, perhaps only because they raise concerns more loudly than the rest of the folks here.

At the meeting, Dickie Thompson, who recently announced he would not seek re-election, implied that renters are less invested in their communities than homeowners and were thus less deserving of consultation: “Please consider this,” he said. “Some of the renters are there for a very short-term period, and the property owners are certainly more invested than people that may stay in a neighborhood for six months.”


Only when we all pay attention and stay invested will things change. In the article, Leigh Tauss notes that, regarding a sidewalk project Councilor Mendell tried to kill, “she changed her mind after the INDY reported on her decision.”

If they change their positions after the slightest scrutiny, what would they do if everyone became invested in the outcomes of City Council?

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