Granny’s Thoughts: Transit Matters

Hey Folks.

Finally, a little respite from the heat. I’ve got something new for you today, and it comes from City Lab. Take a look there for the full story, but here’s the gist.

Back in the day, companies starting up would locate in the suburbs, closer to where folks lived. But now, times are-a-changing. It’s the cities where people want to be, and it just so happens that Raleigh is one of those cities. In fact, the article listed the Research Triangle Park as a good example of how things used to be. But back to the cities.

A new study suggests that the better the transit, the more startups. Friends, that’s exactly what we want. Not only do the people moving here add to the vibrance and culture of Raleigh, but they also bring new jobs and businesses. That is a net gain for all of us.

But then there’s the current City Council, with some misplaced priorities. Don’t you think we should be investing in smart transit, and a city that’s easy for folks to get around? That’s going to make life better for those of us who live here now, and more attractive to the people that may move here in the future (again, bringing jobs and more wealth to the whole area!).

And don’t think that affordable housing is separate from this, either. Everything is connected, and it’s going to take a lot of new voices on this City Council to ensure we have a smart strategy moving forward. If you want to be a part of that, get informed, get invested and get out to vote this fall.

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